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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

My Week In Comics 4-20-11

A part of my birthday -- an early part, before the live-blogging-the-Flyers portion -- was spent picking up these books...if this is brief, it's because I'm trying to finish this before tonight's Flyers game.

Supergirl 63: The truth about Alex, the creator of the "Flyover" app that began the trouble Supergirl and other young heroes are currently in, is revealed. And I must say I wasn't expecting it, despite the clues (in part via Lois Lane's investigation in these same books).

Gotham City Sirens 22, Batman 708: I mentioned in my last post a crossover that started, or so I thought, with the latest issue of Red Robin. These two books concluded the story. Of the two, I enjoyed Gotham City Sirens more, although -- as has happened a bit too often in this series -- of the three main characters, only one (Catwoman, in this case) is actually in this issue.

Simpsons Comics 177: It seems that once a year, the employees of the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant get free pizza courtesy of Mr. Burns. Alas, when the day rolls around, Homer gets the flu...yes, you know this is coming...D'oh!

...annnnnnd finished. LET'S GO FLYERS!

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