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Sunday, April 17, 2016

Birthday Month: Day 7

When I left work on Friday, April 15th -- for the last time until September!!! -- I posted this first song to Facebook and Twitter. So this leads to a string of Kool and the Gang here.


They started out, however, in jazz, before moving into a more soul-funk sound...

"Jungle Boogie" (sampled in, among other hits, Madonna's "Erotica")

"Hollywood Swinging"

"Open Sesame" was featured in the "Saturday Night Fever" soundtrack...

When James "JT" Taylor became lead vocalist the band's sound became more disco-fied, and they had some of their biggest hits...

"Ladies Night'

The rest of these followed "Celebration."

"Steppin' Out"

"Get Down On It"

"Big Fun" (not a huge hit but I like it a lot more than some of the others on this list)

As time passed deeper into the 1980s the rise of MTV drove veteran acts to make videos like this...



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