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Sunday, August 9, 2015

Bean Self-Portrait Again (About The Photo Blog...)

So I've decided to just try and maintain this blog and not the one I established specifically for photos. As much as I wanted to showcase photos I've taken separate from what I may write about here, there's no sense in doing so. There's no reason this blog can't handle both pics and words.

Right now I'm planning on periodically taking the posts from that blog and transferring them here, then deleting the other blog entirely, but that may be too much work and I fear the pics might get lost, but we'll see. And the way Google has evolved, I fear that in the new Google Photos (which is sort of merged with their other photo storage system that is used in Blogger) if I do so there will be duplicates in Google Photos (actually, I'm pretty sure there are already). While I'm set for unlimited storage so duplicates aren't a serious problem, I'm trying to get more organized, not less, and these duplicates will annoy me.  UPDATE: I just deleted the first post but the picture is still in the photo album, so I can go ahead with the above plan. Yay!

So this is a test -- the first thing I posted to that blog, one of my favorite pics: my Self-Portrait under the Bean in Chicago in September 2006:

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