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Friday, June 22, 2012

Odd Timing...Oh, And My Blog Is Free Today!

...I mean, it's THREE today. (I can say "today" because it's after midnight.) Happy birthday, blog!

So this actually happened earlier...

I decided to start watching "The Big Bang Theory" regularly. I've sampled it a number of times but never really gave it a chance, and now it's part of the roster of shows I watch. You could say there was an opening, with "Desperate Housewives" ending its run, but that's not really relevant. Anyway, TBS is running the episodes from the first four seasons in order on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday nights, which is part of the reason I jumped in when I did. I'm also watching the reruns from this past season on CBS, but there will be a few I'll still have to catch up on.

Anyway, tonight I was watching an episode from the third season, which was when Leonard and Penny got together as a couple for the first time. In this particular episode they were explaining to Sheldon why they were in Leonard's bedroom instead of in her apartment: it seems they broke her bed.

And just as they're discussing the broken bed, that's when I heard a snapping sound and felt a sudden jolt.

My rocker-recliner broke. A spring on the back snapped, causing the back to loosen from the rest of the frame on the right side. I hate this because now I can't rock in the chair (I looooove rocking). In fact, I had to move the chair back against the wall just so I can sit on it without one side sagging back. And of course I need to buy a new chair now, which means spending money. This will be, I think, the fourth rocker or rocker-recliner I've owned. At least number three lasted longer than the other two.

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