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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Short Sports Musing

The NCAA men's basketball tournament just ended. I'm sort of amazed at how little of the tournament I watched this year. And I only completed one online bracket (as usual, my picks were well off the mark). I'm not sure what's up with my sports love. I still read the Daily News sports section before the rest of the paper, but I just don't watch as much of it on TV. I watched a little less of the Eagles and NFL this year, and I've watched less of the Flyers and NHL, but those were influenced a bit by the DeSean Jackson and Wayne Simmonds verbal anti-gay incidents.

It makes me wonder a little how much of the Phillies I'll watch this year. At least in the case of the Phils, I'll be going to a game in person now and then, starting with April 11, the second home game (and first night game) of the new season. And despite the general awesomeness of the Stanley Cup playoffs, which start in a little more than a week, baseball is still my favorite sport. So we shall see, I guess.

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