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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Flattered Or Frightened?

I received this response to my profile on a personals site (not OKStupid for a change)...as for the question in the title above, I am surely more the latter.

Hello hun i must admit you really look good sexy and charming and you caught my attention (smiles).My name is ----- am from Pennsylvania - Philadelphia - South am a construction engineer and am presently working on a construction project here in Michigan,but would be done and back home Philly real soon.Baby am 33 single and been gay all my life lol.Hun am tired of being single i need a sweet real man in my life who i would make happy and in return also make me happy,satisfying both our sexual needs and we can have so much fun together.Baby am not looking for gifts or money i have all that already all i want is true love care affection and intimacy,baby will you be that man to make me happy and i be yours too.
I love to chat but because i do get busy mosetimes i only do it on yahoo chat so here is my messanger id baby
(-------------@yahoo.com),whats your yahoo chat id?baby lets get to chat soonest ok,also here is my phone number you can text me (---) ------- ,i can only text at the construction site phone calls not allowed.So baby whats your number so i can text you as well.Hun i hope to read from you back soonest till then kiss kiss stay sweet.-----.
(---) -------
Yahoo chat id....(-----------@yahoo.com)

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