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Sunday, November 11, 2012

History For Music Lovers

So I was looking at my Gmail account -- which I set up early this year but never actually use, at least not yet. And I found a few emails in it, mostly from YouTube comments. One of them was interesting, though. Remember when I wrote about the Bastille Day celebration at Eastern State? If not, refresh your memory. The first video, featuring the Lady Gaga "Bad Romance" parody, is the one that got the comment. It seems that the parody was originally created by an outfit called History for Music Lovers, and they've got a whole slew of these. Here's their full-length version of the "Bad Romance" revamp, "The French Revolution."

Still think this guy's adorable, by the way. Someone hook me up, please?

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Sweedie-The-Cat said...

For those looking for more about the History Teachers, and who may have missed it from the videos....

They Facebook at:
History for Music Lovers

And they Tweet at:
(Amyb and herbm)
(She is the singer in the songs)

Another singing teacher (math and science) is:

Another good teacher who gives very interesting talks, but does not sing (for which we may be most grateful) is:
(Specialties are US Civics & History, How to Teach, and wild humor!)

I could give you more links, but these are merely interesting people who could help you educate yourself, they are not necessarily singers or teachers per se....

If you are interested, contact me.