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Monday, December 17, 2012

Pics With New Phone

It still amazes me that I actually have a smartphone that's among the newest on the market (Samsung Galaxy SIII). Without going into the whole story, we'll just say that circumstances arose and I ended up getting enough of a deal to make it feasible. Plus, unlike the last time I got a new phone, I actually got my number ported over to the new phone. Anyway, it takes decent pictures (although the originals were extremely large because I didn't check the settings, so I resized them to post them here). And although it doesn't have a flash,   the ones I took at night look really nice.

First two are of Jewelers Row on Sansom St. decked out for the holidays. Taken on Tuesday.

These two are of the historic Christ Church, taken Wednesday evening not long before sunset...

On Friday I found one of those ubiquitous sticker art displays, but this one actually hasn't been tainted. So many newspaper boxes have multiple stickers, some of which are peeling or have been written on, as well as graffiti on the boxes, and they look a mess. Not this one.

The Comcast Center standing tall in the background. Taken Friday evening on Market St. just east of 18th.

On Saturday at Frankford Terminal, I noticed this exit sign looking like it was growing hair.

I got the phone as high as I could and got a look at a portion of the top of the sign. What is this supposed to be? Anyone?

The other side of this building faces Rittenhouse Square, if I'm not mistaken. I think I was on Chestnut St. near 20th. I just liked the zigzag look of it.


canmark said...

I was tempted to get the Samsung Galaxy SIII during Black Friday sales, but they only offered the phone for free if you signed a 3-year contract. I wanted the phone with no contract, but they wanted $650(!) for it. So I still have my non-smart phone.

The spikey things on top of the EXIT sign are to keep pigeons from roosting there. Bird control spikes, they are called.

Joe in Philly said...

That's pretty much how it works here. If you want it for free or little cost you have to sign a contract.

Bird control spikes. Interesting. Maybe they should put them on statues. ;-)