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Friday, July 29, 2011

My Week In Comics 7-20-11

With time running out before the big September relaunch/reboot/whatever you want to call what DC Comics is doing, it almost seems like there should be a countdown clock. Since these posts are dated with the day the books were in stores, and the actual relaunch begins August 31st with the final issue of Flashpoint and the 1st issue of the new Justice League series the same day, we'll go with that. As of July 20th it's T-minus 42 days and counting...

Supergirl 66: Second of a three-parter. Of course, since it's the next-to-last issue before September. Supergirl is undercover as another college student goes missing, so she's mostly in civilian garb, secretly using her powers so as to not let the other students in on her identity. And it's not often you have both mechanical rats and a reference to "Bewitched" in the same story.

Superman/Batman 86: Same deal here, next-to-last issue, except this series isn't coming back in September, at least not right away. Clark Kent has a dilemma -- whether or not to finish the article on the Batman/Wayne corporation connection that got the Gotham reporter killed.  (Remember, this story is set in the early days, long before Batman, Incorporated.) Oh, and it turns out the Joker is involved.

Simpsons Comics 180: The Simpsons are going to Canada! Again! Permanently! Illegally! Along with the rest of Springfield! After Mr. Burns shuts down every business in town! Why do I keep talking like this!?!

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