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Tuesday, May 10, 2016

My Sports Tees And Miscellaneous Caps, Part 6

Surprise! NOT about movies! NOT about disco! NOT even about cancer! It's more shirts and caps, in photos mostly taken months ago!

Let's start with the Phils, since they're in season -- and doing surprisingly well! Most of these I got from the clearance racks. First one is actually not a t-shirt.

Some from the recent glory days...

Two from 2008 -- one official, one not...

THIS SHIRT IS A FRAUD! They didn't use that logo in 1980. I don't think they even had official locker room t-shirts in 1980! But the important thing to know is, I WAS THERE IN PERSON ON THAT WONDERFUL NIGHT AT THE VET! All you 2008 attendees, I am only a little jealous because, after all, there's nothing like the first time.

Last game at the Vet (I was there -- actually I saw the last 7 Phils' games at the Vet)...

...and I was there for the first official game at Citizens Bank Park!

And now some Eagles shirts -- some long-sleeved, some replica jerseys. First one is front and back...

Only bought this because I decided I needed the black one as well. Mike Patterson???

Ahh...much better. Westbrook and Trotter...

Hey, remember that time the Patriots cheated the Eagles out of a Super Bowl win?

Now, some caps! The Temple cap I no longer have. I gave it to my friend Kurt, a Temple alum.

Yankees cap was a giveaway item when I saw a game at the OLD Yankee Stadium. The Altoona Curve (minor league baseball) cap I got at the Outsports gathering in LA in February 2003. Everyone gave up an item from one of their teams and got something in exchange. And that weekend the Presidents Day blizzard stranded me in sunny California for TWO extra days!!!

And, finally, the man who gave a huge boost to the Flyers -- and also shares my birthday!

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