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Monday, February 29, 2016

Update: The Avastin Is... #cancerisabitch

So I had my followup MRI two weeks ago. I called the next day to get an appointment with my neurosurgeon...

"The first available appointment is on March 1st with Dr. Liebman."
"I don't know that person."
"Well, Dr. Barrese is no longer with his practice."


The first time I saw Barrese he commented that he had joined so recently that he didn't even have new business cards yet. And just like that, the guy who performed my second surgery is apparently gone.

Fortunately, it appears I won't be needing a third surgery just yet. Today at the oncologist's office the nurse practicioner (I saw her instead of the doctor for some reason) said that the newest MRI looks good. There's no real difference from the previous one and no evidence of a new tumor yet. I won't need to add a second drug to the Avastin treatments at this time. For now, life goes on as scheduled.

P.S. To finish the title of this post: ...working. :)

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