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Sunday, July 26, 2015

Like, Four Months Of Movies. Part One

If you read my last post, and according to Google 269 of you at least clicked on it (yay, but not for the best of reasons, and also a couple of those clicks may be my own), you know it's been a rough patch. Between what went on healthwise in both April (while I was still working, to boot) and June, I had some sporadic movie attendance for a while. And I haven't talked about any of them. Tsk. So the first few of these, which I saw between mid-March and early June, have already gone to blu-ray, Netflix, etc. But I'll mention them anyway. After my surgery, though, I've really picked up the pace, so I'm splitting this into two posts. (I was thinking I could also check out some I missed via On Demand or my Amazon Prime subscription's Instant Video feature, but that's for the future.)

The Lazarus Effect: Some researchers accidentally discover a formula that can bring people back from the dead. Naturally, there are consequences. A bit interesting but ultimately more boring than scary. C-plus.

Marvel's Avengers: Age of Ultron: Bigger, louder, not as interesting nor as well-plotted as the first Avengers film. And no shawarma. B-plus.

Hot Pursuit: Sofia Vergara and Reese Witherspoon, a comedy duo for the ages. Well, the Age of Ultron, maybe. But towards the end it seemed to be trying to pull things together a little. C.

Pitch Perfect 2: Sequel. Meh. A couple of interesting quirks but disappointing. C-plus.

Tomorrowland: Best film so far this year, hands down. For all the sci-fi stuff, it really is a film about how we can still make the word a better place. It made me think of people who I see doing good work (such as this guy) and gave me a hopeful, optimistic feeling. Please see this film. A.

Spy: Melissa McCarthy seems to walk a tightrope with movie roles, at least those I've seen. Bridesmaids, awesome. Identity Thief, not nearly so. Spy is a return to fine form, with a strong supporting cast. A-minus.

Mad Max: Fury Road: Having never seen any of the previous Mad Max films, I still wasn't really lost by this reboot's plot. The future's all gone to hell and Max, now played by Tom Hardy, is fighting to survive and ends up helping some others. Lots of action and mayhem. B.

Next post: everything I've seen since my surgery.

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